Organic farm




  Conducting organic  business means there will be no chemical and synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or manipulated nutrients or preparations  For manuring the meadows, we use our own animal manure. We also use green manures.

 The animals on our organic farm are fed with products of our own farm and grains produced by other organic businesses. This way of handling our business guarantees us a high quality product (beef and lamb meat) without unnatural substances, so safe and healthy food for the consumer.


Suckling cows

  Suckling cow means that the calf stays with the mother and is nursed. So the cows are not milked. The suckling cows we keep are from the breed Limousine and are registered in a herd-book. The limousines are meat cows which has its origin in the Limousin Area. It’s a rustic breed that’s still close to nature.



Organic farm buildings

La grande grange en pierres naturelles de 650 m² est utilisé pour le stockage de foin et de matériel,il y a aussi un petit atelier.


L'étable d'hiver (550 m²) pour les vaches contient 50 places aux cornadies.


Le bâtiment nouveau est construit de parpaings et est couvert avec des tuiles. Surface d'environ 220 m²